About us

The Little Coffee Shop is located in the quaint village of Cobden, Ontario. The smell of fresh baked goods and freshly brewed specialty coffee await your stop! Come and enjoy our fresh homemade daily features and enjoy a beautiful rest on our patio. Looking for something cool and tantalizing for your tastebuds, stop at the The Scoop and Sweet Shop for the famous offerings of the Kawartha Dairy selections.

The Mother Daughter Team are Melissa and Irene, they are the new owners of The Little Coffee Shop and The Scoop. Taking in the beauty of the Ottawa Valley, they scouted many areas and businesses but knew instantly that Cobden would be a perfect home for them and combined with their love for homemade baking and sweets! It was a perfect fit. “It felt like home and the people we met on our 8 visits were very friendly, and so welcoming! So here we are!”, said Irene.

Melissa by trade is an accountant, but her true passion is that of the kitchen and preparing fresh baked goods such as the donuts, cinnamon buns, apple fritters, and cookies… lots of cookies! Melissa enjoys expressing her creativeness with drawing and creating beautiful art work that is shown on the menus.

Irene loves working with people, by trade she was Nurse assisting Seniors for over 30 years and she is “Mom”! When Irene isn’t cooking, serving up amazing coffee she loves to paint and participate in outdoor activities and loves to volunteer! Melissa big brother lives in Finland with his wife and his children! He provides alot of advice and support making this a true family affair!

“Food has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life and I hope you will come and enjoy our little piece of heaven!”